Altay® Mini Dual Sex Torso Model

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Altay® Mini Dual Sex Torso Model
The Only Mini Torso with Interchangeable Genitalia

An excellent tool in basic anatomy teaching, this 16 part half-size model includes a two-part head, which reveals a section of the brain and the upper respiratory tract. Half of the brain also shows internal structures. Two lungs, liver with gallbladder, and stomach are clearly shown. A two part heart, showing the atria, ventricles, and valves is featured along with a single piece small intestine, large intestine, and pancreas; and removable cover that exposes interior of caecum. The male and female reproductive organs are each in two parts and interchangeable. Includes key identifying structures, model is mounted on base. Size: 7 5/8"L X 6"W X 17 3/4"H.