CENCO® Amusement Park Physics

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CENCO® Amusement Park Physics
Turn Your Local Amusement Park into a Physics Lab

  • Students study force, velocity, inertia, and acceleration as they experience them first-hand on amusement park rides, like roller coasters and bumper cars
The safe, field-tested set accommodates 15 groups of at least two students. Set includes detailed experiments for more than a dozen popular rides so you can tailor the set to any amusement park-looping, corkscrew, and freefall rollercoasters; swings; whirlers; Ferris wheels; bumper cars; and log rides. Easy-to-assemble materials for making 15 astrolabe/ lateral accelerometers and 15 vertical accelerometers with metal springs that are safe and water resistant. 15 sets of student activity sheets that combine exercises of recording data, making qualitative observations, and performing quantitative tasks. Worksheets on measurement, parabolic paths, falling rollercoaster speed, the klothoid loop, and the physiology of amusement park rides-an easy way to thematically integrate physics and biology. Basic and advanced quizzes. Day’s activity schedule sample. Teacher’s guide, written by experienced teachers and field tested with classes just like yours; 63 pages.