Anemometer Model, Shivdial SUD & SONS

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Education / Science Supervisor / Roanoke, Virginia
No, I didn't recommend
What you will receive is not what is pictured. We ordered 18. Some arrived cracked, all arrived dirty or discolored. No steel jewel bearings, just a plastic fitting which also arrived cracked. The product being shipped seems to be much cheaper in construction than the item in the photo.
Reply associate Published 01/20/2022
Thank you for your feedback. We are working to have the photo and description updated for the future.
470148-716CS 430.1 USD
Anemometer Model, Shivdial SUD & SONS
Demonstrate How to Measure Wind Speed

How do you measure the speed of something you can't see? This model shows students how to compute wind velocity by counting the rotations of four plastic cups extended from four arms. The arms are mounted on a low-resistance axis that rests on hard steel jewel bearings. Even a mild breeze, as gentle as 2 mph, will start the arms and cups moving.

Size: 6 1/2"H x 8 1/2" dia.