Angular Momentum Apparatus

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470006-922EA 1304.8 USD
Angular Momentum Apparatus
Educational Materials Physics Educational Materials Mechanics Learning Activities
This unique device uses collision techniques.

  • Simple Assembly
  • Designed for PSSC Advanced Topics Supplement
  • Topics Include Angular Momentum, Rotational Inertia, and More
  • Low-Friction Bearing
  • Base Wheel: 25 cm dia
Designed for three experiments in the PSSC Advanced Topics Supplement, this apparatus lets students research a variety of phenomena including angular momentum, rotational inertia, and the relationship between torque and angular acceleration. The 25 cm dia. base wheel revolves on a low-friction bearing, and an provided acceleration timer records data.

Three cups catch the metal balls that roll down the chute. The unit sits on a 72 cm long base and is easy to assemble.

Ordering information: This kit includes an adjustable launching chute, three steel balls, a drop-on wheel, specially weighted bar and dumbbell, and waxed recording tape. The recording timer requires a C battery.




Item # Description Type Voltage Weight Packaging Unit Availability Price Quantity
470145-520 High performance alkaline batteries
C 9 V 45 g Pack of 2 Pack of 2 Retrieving Restricted
Case of 96 Retrieving Restricted