Animal Kingdom Riker Mount Collection

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Animal Kingdom Riker Mount Collection
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Each of the twelve Riker Mounts in this set contain between two and six labeled representatives from major classes in the animal kingdom.

The Collection is a beautiful display of Major Taxa. Featured Major Taxa includes Porifera, Cnidaria, Mollusca, Annelida, Echinodermata, Arthropoda, Vertebrata.

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Delivery information: This kit includes Porifera: Spongilla, Scypha, Chalina, and commercial sponge; Cnidaria: anemone, jellyfish, hard coral, and soft coral; Mollusca: pecten, snail, chiton, and cuttlefish; Annelida: leech, scale worm, and earthworm; Echinodermata: starfish, brittle star, sand dollar, sea cucumber, and sea urchin; Myriapoda: centipede and millipede; Arachnida: tick, spider, scorpion, and pseudoscorpion; Insects One: grasshopper, cicada, beetle, butterfly, and stink bug; Insects Two: termite, louse, mayfly, wasp, caddisfly larva; Crustacea: pill bug, barnacle, shrimp, and crab; Vertebrata: seahorse, tadpole, and salamander; Integuments: exoskeleton, shell, scale, feather, quill, and hair.