AP Physics Lab 1: Measurement and Error

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Kahoka, MO
Yes, I recommend
Good beginning lab - The actual materials of the lab aren't anything to brag about (triple beam balance, dowels, string, rulers and calipers). The lab write-up itself is really nice though. It is a great introduction to measurement, significant figures, error, etc. It is a relatively quick lab for students to perform also, which is nice. I recommend it to teachers doing an AP Physics course.
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AP Physics Lab 1: Measurement and Error
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This lab shows students how to practice good data collection.

  • Ideal for AP, B and C, IB, and Advanced-Honors Physics Courses
  • Twenty-Four Experiments Included
  • Material for Six Students per Lab Group
  • Instructions Included
  • College Board AP Curriculum-Aligned Labs
The basis for any lab is good data-collection technique. In this lab, students gain hands-on experience in obtaining precise and accurate measurements, which provide the data for analysis of experimental results. Ideal for advanced-honors physics courses, AP B and C courses, and IB courses, these experiments are aligned with the College Board AP Curriculum.

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Ordering information: This kit includes six cylinders to measure, six Vernier calipers, six 30 cm rulers, string, and a triple beam balance. All labs come complete with instructions and materials for up to six students per lab group. Inquiry-based instructions are found in separate manuals.

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