CENCO® AP Physics Lab 11: Fluid Dynamics

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CENCO® AP Physics Lab 11: Fluid Dynamics
Educational Materials Physics Educational Materials AP Physics Learning Activities
Students investigate how, on a vertical tube, the size of a hole and the pressure above it affect fluid exit velocity.

  • College Board AP Curriculum-Aligned Labs
  • Overflow Hose Eliminates Messes
  • Three Different-Sized Nozzles
  • Nozzles Accept Various PVC Fittings
  • Catch Basin for Water Stream
The tall acrylic tube has nozzles that accept various PVC fittings to create different sizes of exit holes.

When the tube is next to a sink, it drains off excess water while a hose from the sink keeps the bucket at a constant water level for exact measurements of the horizontal range of the water stream under a constant fluid pressure.

Ordering information: The kit includes a vertical tube with a drain hose, three different-sized nozzles, and a water catch tub. A working sink and drain with a hose are required but not provided.