CENCO® AP Physics Lab 13: Waves on a String

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CENCO® AP Physics Lab 13: Waves on a String
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With the experiments in the Waves on a String Lab, students explore the behavior of a standing wave and how tension and linear density affect its period and wavelength.

  • Visual Study of Wavelengths
  • Durable Materials for Years of Use
  • Instruction Manual Included
  • College Board AP Curriculum-Aligned Labs
  • Material and Instructions for Six Students per Lab Group
The lab is ideal for AP I and II courses, IB courses, and advanced honors physics courses and is aligned with the College Board AP Curriculum.

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Ordering information: The lab includes an AC string vibrator (60Hz), string, and an adjustable table-clamp pulley. A hooked mass set, supports stands, meter stick, and balance are required but not included.