CENCO® AP Physics Lab 17: Electrical Resistance

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New Jersey
No, I didn't recommend
Resistor boards don't work - The resistor boards are make up of resistors rated for over 1000 ohms to be used with a maximum of 6 volts of battery.How crazy is that.
SARGENTWELCH.com associate Published 09/24/2018
Dear Valued customer, One of the activities in this kit is designed around reading the color code scheme on a resistor. To accomplish this, higher-valued resistors are used so that students can practice interpreting the meaning of the color code. The use of milliamps, due to the high resistance, helps engage the students in more complex problem solving skills, involving the conversion to Amps. Thank you for your review, your feedback is important.
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CENCO® AP Physics Lab 17: Electrical Resistance
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Through a conductor, students investigate Ohm's Law, the factors that affect electrical currents, and the resistance coding system.

  • College Board AP Curriculum-Aligned Labs
  • Kit Includes Two Circuit Boards, a Three-Socket Bulb Holder, and More
  • Material and Instructions for Six Students per Lab Group
  • Students Investigate Ohm's Law
The lab is aligned with the College Board AP Curriculum. It includes instructions and materials for up to six students per lab group.

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Accessories information: AP Physics instructors authored the teacher's guides and student manuals, which are available separately.

Ordering information: This kit includes two circuit boards made for easy connections, a three-socket bulb holder, a three-battery pack holder, wires, and a multimeter.