CENCO® AP Physics Lab 19: Force on a Current Carrying Wire

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Reading PA
Yes, I recommend
Pretty good - I used this for an AP physics C E&M class. It is difficult to devise labs for certain E&M topics. This one fills a void for me. The lab is pretty good, the directions don't exactly match some of the provided equipment. You also don't really need the batteries, any DC power supply would work. Most people don't need the cheap meter, any one a teacher has would work. Still, the setup and lab do
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CENCO® AP Physics Lab 19: Force on a Current Carrying Wire
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Use Hand Rules to Measure Force on a Wire

  • Durable materials for years of use
  • Instruction manual included
Introducing the new Cenco AP Physics lab series. Ideal for AP, B and C, I, II and advanced honors physics courses, each of the 24 experiments is aligned with the College Board AP Curriculum. The teacher guides and student manuals are authored by an experienced AP Physics teacher, so you can trust the setups to be successful in your classroom. Lead students through these hands-on labs using the outlined guided-inquiry approach. All labs come complete with instructions and materials for up to six students per lab group, the inquiry based instructions are found in the separate manuals. For your convenience, labs are packaged to allow you to purchase only what is required for each experiment.

By studying the force exerted on a current carrying wire due to an external magnetic field, students will also predict and test the movement of the wire by using the "hand rules." By measuring the force exerted by a wire on a magnet sitting on a scale, students can determine the relationship between the force on the wire and the current. The kit includes a magnet channel, wire stirrups, resistors, battery holders, 5 U-shaped wires and a multimeter. Required but not included are a balance, and support stands.

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