CENCO® AP Physics Lab 23: Balmer Lines for Hydrogen

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CENCO® AP Physics Lab 23: Balmer Lines for Hydrogen
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The Balmer Lines for Hydrogen Lab showcases the diffraction pattern of a hydrogen spectrum tube.

  • Large, Colorful Display of Spectral Diffraction
  • Metric Scale for Easy Measurements
  • Students Measure First Order Spectra to the Left or Right
  • Purpose for Students: to Calculate the Rydberg Constant
By utilizing the positions and distance between spectral lines, students calculate the Rydberg constant. The kit includes a specially designed diffraction bench that fits on the FUNDamentals of Physics FUN Stand. Students can position colored rods at specific spots that line up with the spectral pattern observed through a diffraction grating. The exact wavelength can be determined using the distance of the spectral line to the central maximum.

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Ordering information: This kit includes colored rods, diffraction grating and stand, metric tape, and six hand-held spectrometers. The FUN stands, a spectrum tube power supply and hydrogen gas tube, and a dual red and green laser pointer are required but not included.