CENCO® AP Physics Lab 7: Conservation of momentum - Ballistic Pendulum

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CENCO® AP Physics Lab 7: Conservation of momentum - Ballistic Pendulum
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The Ballistic Pendulum Lab is a classic experiment that determines conservation of energy and angular momentum.

  • Multiple Launching Positions
  • Easy-To-Read Protractor
  • Extraction Device for Ball
  • Students Determine the Initial Velocity of the Marble
  • Purpose for Students: to Practice Trigonometry, Kinematics, and Angular Momentum Formulas
Teachers show conservation of momentum by launching a ball into a pendulum. The height to which the pendulum increases is directly proportional to the marble’s initial energy. This offers students an opportunity to use trigonometry, kinematics, and angular momentum formulas to determine the initial velocity of the marble. A photogate measures the actual velocity of the marble to provide the lab with an alternate method of determining energy. Students can conduct the lab both ways and compare the two results.

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Ordering information: The kit includes a ballistic pendulum, two 50 N spring scales, metric ruler, cord, stopwatch, and caliper. A triple beam balance and meter stick are required but not provided. A force probe can be used instead of the spring scales.