CENCO® AP Physics Lab 9: Equilibrium

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CENCO® AP Physics Lab 9: Equilibrium
Educational Materials Physics Educational Materials AP Physics Learning Activities
Working with a model of a ladder, students determine the coefficient of friction necessary to keep the ladder in static equilibrium.

  • Variable Mass System
  • College Board AP Curriculum-Aligned Labs
  • Hinged Board and Friction Board Included
  • Material and Instructions for Six Students per Lab Group
  • Ideal for AP I and II, IB, and Advanced Honors Physics Courses
Various hooks allow users to place a mass at different positions, so the center of mass of the system can be varied. A hinged block on the bottom of the ladder ensures the contact surface is always maintained.

The lab is aligned with the College Board AP Curriculum. It includes instructions and materials for up to six students per lab group. The lab is ideal for AP I and II courses, IB courses, and advanced honors physics courses and is aligned with the College Board AP Curriculum. AP and the Advanced Placement Program are registered trademarks of the College Entrance Examination Board, which was not involved in the production of and does not endorse these products.

Accessories information: AP Physics instructors authored the teacher's guides and student manuals, which are available separately.

Ordering information: Kit includes a hinged board with multiple hooks, friction board with four different surfaces, friction block, protractor, and aluminum flashing pieces. A balance, hooked masses, and a force probe are required but not included.