Aspirin Study Kit

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Aspirin Study Kit
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This lab helps students become more informed consumers.

  • Activity: Testing and Comparing Different Aspirin Brands
  • Students Study Aspirin Brands for Filler, pH, and Per-Pill Cost
  • Process Informs Students of Ingredients in Common Products
  • Extension Activities Available
Aspirin (acetylsalicylic acid) might be the most used and abused non-prescription drug. Using aspirin tablets brought from home, students analyze and compare them with the Brand X aspirin included in this Lab-Aid.

They determine the percentage of aspirin and filler components in a tablet, check pH, and calculate the per-pill cost. Students draw conclusions on which aspirins are better, which are safer, and which do nothing at all. This consideration brings real-world questions into the science classroom. Extension activities are possible with this kit.

Ordering information: This lab includes Lugol's solution, Benedict's solution, iron nitrate solution, sodium carbonate solution, Brand X aspirin, dropper, sample bottles, test tubes, and blue litmus paper. Additional, various brands of aspirin are needed but not included.

Delivery information: Includes Teacher ‘s Guide and Student Copymasters