Atomic Mobiles Activity

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Yes, I recommend
This would have been a great activity if the kit provided enough materials to make all 19 atoms - we were missing quite a few electrons and had to improvise with wooden beads I had from another kit.
Reply associate Published 05/16/2024
Thank you for the feedback. Please note- The last page of the instructions indicate that there is not enough materials for all of them to be built at once. We do apologize for any inconvenience and will contact you offline. Thank you again.
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Atomic Mobiles Activity
Educational Classroom Kits and Activities
Students gain a better understanding of the structure of matter.

  • Chemistry Art for the Classroom
  • Hands-On Depiction of Elements
  • Students Gain a Better Understanding of the Structure of Matter
  • Periodic Table Included
  • Detailed Instruction Manual Included
Not only do they love to build these mobiles, but they’ll also be able to hang their work from the ceiling for display.

The hands-on structure of this activity make it easy to comprehend the elements.

Ordering information: This set includes 74 wooden spheres in nine colors representing nuclei and electrons; 19 large rings, scaled to represent the covalent radii of elements from hydrogen to potassium; a periodic table; an assortment of fine monofilament and small parts to assemble and suspend the models; and a detailed instruction manual.