Atomic Orbital Model Set

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Atomic Orbital Model Set
This set contains enough individual parts to build 14 distinct models:
1s Unhybridized (1)
3d Unhybridized (5)
2s Unhybridized (1)
2s + 3 2p orbitals Unhybridized (1)
2p Unhybridized (3)
sp, sp2 sp3 Hybridized (3)
Pink and purple colored pear-shaped lobes represent the two wave phases (positive and negative) of the p and d atomic orbitals. White spheres represent the atomic nuclei. Each model comes with a transparent base for display. Comes complete with a sturdy plastic storage box and clearly illustrated instructions.

1 Pink 1s Atomic Orbital 1-hole
19 Pink Unhybridized Atomic Orbital Lobe (+ve)
1 Pink 2s Atomic Orbital 1-hole
17 Purple Unhybridized Atomic Orbital Lobe (-ve)
1 White p Orbital Node 2-hole
1 Black Carbon 4-hole Atom
2 White p Orbital Node 3-hole
1 Black Carbon 5-hole Atom
2 White d Orbital Node 6-hole
1 Black Carbon 6-hole Atom
2 White d Orbital Node 7-hole
1 Pink Intermediate Orbital Atom
1 Purple “Z ring” (for dz2) 2-hole
8 Medium Gray Links
9 Gray Hybridized Atomic Orbital Lobe
14 Clear Bases

WARNING: CHOKING HAZARD- Small Parts. Not for Children Under 3 Years.