Ward's® Live Bacillus subtilis Culture

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Ward's® Live Bacillus subtilis Culture
Specimens Live Specimens Bacteria - Living Material
This organism is commonly isolated in soil and produces antibiotics such as bacitracin, subtilisin, and mycobacillin.

  • Biosafety Level: 1
  • Gram Stain: Positive
  • Morphology: rods in chains
  • Motility: Positive
  • Respiration: Aerobic
  • Spores: Yes, centrally located
All bacterial cultures undergo an extensive quality control program prior to releasing for sale, so they are guaranteed for purity as well as for species.

It's gram stain is positive, and its spores are centrally located.

Ordering information: This organism is offered as a ready-to-use tube culture as well as in a freeze-dried culture for longer storage. Freeze-dried organisms come with everything you need to rehydrate and culture the organism when you're ready.

Caution: Caution:Though this organism is not considered to be pathogenic, Ward's recommends that you utilize proper aseptic technique when handling all microorganisms.