Ball and Ring Apparatus

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Education / Teacher / Burnsville, MN
No, I didn't recommend
We purchased 5 of these. The first time we used them, 3 of the 5 failed ... one- the ring got stuck on the ball and could not be removed. The other two, after using them in one class, the ring would not fit over the ball no matter what.
Reply associate Published 05/19/2022
We are sorry that this product did not meet your expectations. We'll be reaching out to you via email and involve our manufacturer in order to send you some new equipment and replace anything defective . Thank you for taking the time to review our product, your feedback is important.
470016-762EA 22.8 USD
Ball and Ring Apparatus
Educational Materials Physics Educational Materials Heat/Thermodynamics Learning Activities
Ball and Ring Apparatus demonstrates thermal expansion.

  • If Heated, the Brass Ball Can't Pass through the Ring
  • Wooden Handle Holds Ball and Ring
  • Ball and Ring Both Measure 8½" in Length
  • Apparatus Demonstrates Thermal Expansion
A brass ball passes through a ring when both are at the same temperature. When the ball is heated, it can't pass.

Both the ball and the ring are mounted on a wooden handle and are 8½" long.