CENCO® Complete Kit for Ball Bearing Rotating Support Kit

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CENCO® Complete Kit for Ball Bearing Rotating Support Kit
Educational Materials Physics Educational Materials Mechanics Learning Activities
Students research rotational acceleration, moment of inertia, angular velocity, and other concepts with this complete kit.

  • Large-Scale Apparatus for Rotational Measurements
  • Rotating Support Included
  • Aluminum Support Bar Included
  • Topics Include Rotational Acceleration, Angular Velocity, and More
  • Complete Instructions Included
Mount an object directly on the cross-shaped platform with lightweight aluminum support to keep its moment of inertia low. The platform carries a torque drum with smoothly rotating ball bearings. Less than 5 g are needed to start the drum rotating. The long, aluminum support bar of this apparatus measures 86 cm and clamps onto the rotating support with a pair of included thumbscrews.

A series of holes down the length of the bar lets you attach the provided pair of nickel-plated 2.5 kg masses to any of seven different radii. The kit also includes a ball-bearing table-clamp pulley and complete instructions for studying the principles of rotational motion and inertia, angular momentum, and energy.