CENCO® Ballistic Pendulum — An Industry Standard

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CENCO® Ballistic Pendulum — An Industry Standard
Educational Materials Physics Educational Materials Mechanics Learning Activities
The CENCO Ballistic Pendulum is the industry standard for the investigation of momentum and energy.

  • Heavy duty, all-metal construction for years of use
  • Reliable engineering for repeatable precision
  • Low friction pivot is easy to adjust and remove
  • Innovative catch mechanism holds the pendulum at its highest point for easy measurement
  • Detailed teacher's guide included
The ballistic pendulum is an elegant apparatus that vividly demonstrates conservation of momentum in collisions where kinetic energy is not conserved. Using our classic, time-tested apparatus, students can use momentum and energy calculations to find the initial velocity of a projectile ball. By removing the pendulum arm, the ballistic pendulum doubles as a projectile launcher for trajectory investigations.

The pendulum swings freely on a hardened, low-friction bearing to ensure proper alignment. When the ball hits the bob and swings it up, a unique ratchet system holds the bob at its highest point of swing. The pawl at the base of the bob catches the ratchet, which has a scale for measuring height changes, providing a graphic demonstration of the conservation of momentum. The hand grip and release lever ensure that the pendulum and projectile will not suffer from unwanted jostling when launched. This ballistic pendulum truly is an industry standard.

Caution: Caution: The projectile is a small ball. It is not for children under three years.