Bantam Holder

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470201-584EA 1799 USD
Bantam Holder
Flow Meters
How Pure Is Your Demineralized Water?

  • Easy to read meter
  • Indicates the purity of the water from 0 to 19 ppm
  • Also indicates ohms-cm resistivity from 25000 ohm-cm to 18 megohm-cm
The pressurized system provides water at a flow rate of 19 to 38 L per hour when you connect the holder and cartridge to your water inlet. In addition, a removable pedestal allows you to keep the holder on a table or countertop, or mount it on a wall. This unit operates on 120 V, AC.

Ordering information: The cartridge is required but not included.

Delivery information: Includes plastic tube (1 m), inlet floor adjustment valve, drain valve, on/off switch and a three-wire grounded cord and plug.

Caution: Please note: This unit is not designed to produce water suitable for drinking.




Item # Description Unit Availability Price Quantity
470201-586 High Capacity Cartridge for Bantam Holder
Each Retrieving
470201-588 Ultrapure Cartridge for Bantam Holder
Each Retrieving