Bare Nichrome Wire

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D-18 D22 D20 4 OZ D24 D26 D-28
470005-954EA 34.65 USD
470005-954 470005-952 470201-282 470200-354 470005-958 470201-280 470200-356
Bare Nichrome Wire
Educational Materials Physics Educational Materials Electricity/Magnetism Learning Activities
The Bare Nichrome Wire can handle temperatures of up to 1010°C (1850°F).

  • Alloy of Nickel and Chromium
  • Grams: 113
  • Wire Can Handle Temperatures up to 1010°C (1850°F)
  • High Performance
  • Ideal for Rheostats and Controls Requiring Compact Resistance
It's particularly suited to heavy duty rheostats and controls that require compact resistance.

The wire's alloy is made of nickel and chromium.