GPI Anatomicals® Basic Pelvic Models

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GPI Anatomicals® Basic Pelvic Models
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Male And Female Pelvic Models At A Great Price

Examine male and female pelvic structures using these half size models. Each model shows all the basic urinary and reproductive structures, as well as some common pathologies. Each model is attached to a base, with a removable, 2 sided keycard identifying individual organs and structures.

A complete view of a typical male pelvis shows the bladder, ureter, rectum, prostate, dorsal vein, seminal vesicle, adipose tissue, pubic symphysis, and more. Two testicles are also shown — one healthy testicle accurately aligned on the pelvis, the other separated from the pelvis depicting in relief a commonly present, seminoma tumor. Students can compare the appearance of testicular cancer and its progression using the two testicles on the model and the included two-sided education card which features three stages of testis tumors.

The half-size model of the female reproductive system shows the ovary, fimbria, uterus, fallopian tube, bladder, urethra, rectum, vagina, sacrum, coccyx, and more. It is one piece and is mounted on a base.