Precision Measuring Set

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Hurst TX
Yes, I recommend
First time every time - The first lab every semester for physics is the Measurements lab so the kit gets used 3 times a year and it's still working. The calipers are very hardy and have held up well to 40 years of use here at TCCD. They takes a licking (by the students) and keep on ticking.
470144-808PK 149 USD
Precision Measuring Set
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Four High-Quality Instruments Housed in a Sturdy Plastic Storage Case.

  • Complete kit is supplied in a fitted plastic case for easy stacking
  • Transparent top allows for easy inspection
  • Instructions included
Teach precision linear measurement, significant figures, and approximation with this unique kit. Give your students concrete experience using industrial tools and various unknowns. The kit includes a detailed instruction manual, a micrometer, vernier caliper, a knife-edge square, and a ruler. Unknowns to be measured include a 3/4" steel sphere, a round aluminum rod, a plugged aluminum tube, and a rectangular aluminum block.

Kit Contains:
1 Micrometer Caliper, 0-25mm x 0.01mm
1 Knife-Edge Square, 90°, 100mm x 70m
1 Vernier Caliper, 150mm x 0.02mm
1 Ruler, Steel, 15cm x 0.5mm