Basic Orbit Orrery

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New York, NY
No, I didn't recommend
Terrible Quality - Cheaply made - The plastic is ultra flimsy and the wires that hold the planets are loose. The item is NOT mechanical. The planets need to be moved by hand around the sun. There is nothing even close to scale (i.e. the distance from the Sun or the size of the planets). After turning one planet around the Sun the wires holding the planet are loose again. And although the planets do translate around the Sun, t
Reply associate Published 05/27/2022
Thank you for your feedback on this item and we are sorry that it did not meet your expectations. This item is not mechanical and is also not a scaled model, and we have updated the description. I am also sharing your thoughts with the manufacturer so that this item may be improved in the future.
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Basic Orbit Orrery
Models Astronomy Models
Study Eleven Celestial Objects with Light–up Sun

  • Demonstrate motion of planets in our Solar System
  • Show students that the Sun is source of light in the Solar System
Teach introductory astronomy with this basic hands–on model of the solar system including a sun that lights up, the eight planets, Pluto and the Earth’s Moon. Planets can be rotated by hand around the sun and the moon simultaneously around the Earth. The battery–powered, sun casts visible light on to the face of orbiting planets, mimicking the true patterns of the solar system. Requires two AA batteries, not included. Height: 4"; Diameter of largest orbit: 15".