Basic Tectonics Model

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Education / Teacher / New Haven, IN
Yes, I recommend
Very handy - the different colored sands stood out very well while demonstrating the movements.
Reply associate Published 10/18/2017
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Yes, I recommend
Great for Elementary Too! - I used this with my fourth grade classes to model sedimentary rock layer formation as well as folding and faulting. Very effective tool!
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Basic Tectonics Model
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This Tectonics Model demonstrates the principle of superposition and the concepts of transgression, regression, and compression.

  • Powerful Visual
  • Model Provides Dramatic Visualization of Faults
  • Length 11¾"
  • Width: 3¾"
  • Height: 7⅞"
Students can construct a logical sequence of five sedimentary layers in a compression box then apply a convergent force with the plunger in the box to explore each concept.

The applied force causes the layers to fold and fault. It includes instructions and all materials.

Accessories information: Replacement sediments available.