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Education / Laboratory Staff: Geology / McKinney, TX
Yes, I recommend
I recently purchased three, 1kg packs. Decent quality. Some specimens had well-defined pisolites, others not so much. I had to break down some of what was sent to me on account of the pieces being far too large to fit into our mineral drawers. Good for general-use specimens in a laboratory.
Reply associate Published 08/15/2017
Thank you.
WARD470025-486 WARD470025-484 WARD470025-482
470025-482PK 21.05 USD
470025-482 470025-484 470025-486
Specimens Mineral Specimens Classroom Minerals
Classic “peacock” aluminum ore.

Ordering information: WARD’S offers different specimen sizes to meet your various needs. Student Specimens are ideal for students to use for study and identification. Student specimens range in size from 1" x 1" to 1" x 2" and come in packages of ten. Hand Specimens are great for lectures, demonstrations, and display. Hand specimens range in size from 2" x 3" to 3" x 4", and each comes in a labeled plastic tray. Bulk Pack includes several of the smaller pieces that are suitable for classroom study, while the larger specimens in the one kilogram pack can be cut to sizes that meet your specific needs. The number and size of pieces will vary.