CENCO® Behr Free-Fall Apparatus

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470123-110EA 30.5 USD
CENCO® Behr Free-Fall Apparatus
Educational Materials Physics Educational Materials Mechanics Learning Activities
Frictionless, Accurate, Durable

  • Data can be uses to make distance-time graph and velocity-time
  • Students can calculate acceleration
  • Wax-Coated Recording Tape is 300 ft
Demonstrate the motion of a freely falling body, determine g, and study the basic laws of motion with our well-known apparatus.
The sturdy column provides a long 1.5m falling distance for an accurate reading. When the free-fall body, held at the top by an electromagnet, is released, its fall is precisely recorded by a spark generator.
The marks made at intervals on the spark-sensitive tape attached to the column give students a permanent record of the fall.
The apparatus comes with a heavy tripod base with leveling screws, a free-fall body, a weighted clip to anchor the spark paper, an electromagnet with power supply and release cable, plumb line for accurate setup and an fully illustrated experiment manual. A spark generator and tape are needed.
Overall height of apparatus is 1.86m.