Beyond Bead Biology: Molecular Biology Kit

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Portland, OR
Yes, I recommend
Inexpensive and Versatile Resource - I use many different activities that come in the handbook, but one of my favorites is "James Bond: Cellular Spy". it's a great review of protein synthesis and can be used in both regular and AP Biology classes. My students have also used the beads to model operon structure and function, and model/act out the Calvin cycle. My A & P students have used it to make sarcomere models when learning about
Reply associate Published 08/01/2023
Thank you!
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Beyond Bead Biology: Molecular Biology Kit
Educational Materials Biology Educational Materials Genetics Learning Activities
Students use color-coded pop beads to visualize the structure of amino acid chains with this kit.

  • Material for 10 Student Groups
  • Teacher’s Guide with Lab Activities and Student Questions Included
  • Topics Include Coenzymes, Substrates, Inhibitors, and More
  • Tactile, Colorful Activities
  • For Grades 10-12
Students work together to create the matching polymer of the DNA code they received by arranging beads in the proper sequence. Developed by high school biology teacher Mark Krotec, this comprehensive series of lab activities introduces topics such as coenzymes, substrates, inhibitors, mutations, DNA replication, recombinant DNA, PCR technique, mitosis, meiosis, and gene therapy.

This kit is for grades 10 through 12.