Eisco Bicycle Wheel Gyroscope

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Education / Teacher / Ontario, Canada
Yes, I recommend
We use this device for demonstrations and for individual lab projects in IB physics. It is a standard bicycle wheel with an integrated notched pulley. The notched pulley is very helpful for dropping a mass through a given height to spin the wheel, which allows you to measure the moment of inertia using energy considerations. It would be helpful if the theoretical moment of inertia for the bicycle wheel (or at least the relative masses of the hub, spokes and rim) was specified. Failing this, we would need to disassemble the wheel to measure the components (a pain). I did not purchase this device, so perhaps the documentation shipped with the unit had this information, but has been lost. I recommend this item. It is well-made and durable.
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Education / Lab Tech / California
No, I didn't recommend
Would not recommend. Though mention is made of a "massive tire", it is actually hollow. If you are expecting the solid rubber tire, you will be disappointed. When I first became a lab tech, I bought a bunch of stuff from VWR/Wardsci/ and was shocked at what a large fraction of it was junk. The rep came by and we discussed it and some of the junk was taken back. Since then, I've only bought from VWR if I didn't have a choice. This year, a new rep came by and convinced me to give VWR a try. I bought two of these tires and have decided to revert to my policy of only buying from VWR/Wards/ if the product is unavailable elsewhere. VWR/Wards seems to be a reasonably good supplier for life sciences but I've had too many bad experiences to buy any physics things from them.
SARGENTWELCH.com associate Published 09/26/2020
I am sorry that the Bicycle Wheel Gyroscope did not meet your expectations. We have submitted a change to the web team clarifying the product description as being a standard bicycle tire of diameter 20''. If you would like to add more density to your tire, simply inflate with a bike pump. Thank you for your review, your feedback is important.
470005-548EA 136.9 USD
Eisco Bicycle Wheel Gyroscope
Educational Materials Physics Educational Materials Mechanics Learning Activities
Easy to use because of its smaller diameter and simple means of hanging and loading, this gyroscope brings precession diagrams to life.

  • 20" dia. rubber bicycle wheel with handles
  • Demonstrates the conservation of angular momentum
  • Can be suspended from a string (included)
Ideal for demonstrations in physical science and physics classrooms or laboratories. Inflate the bicycle tire for optimal results.