Bio-Rad® Adjustable-Volume Digital Micropipettes

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470200-908EA 310.99 USD
470234-026 470200-908 470234-064 470200-910 470018-398 470234-116 470234-028 470234-118 470018-404 470138-262
Bio-Rad® Adjustable-Volume Digital Micropipettes
Pipets Micropipets
Bio-Rad’s professional adjustable-volume digital micropipettes are available in sizes covering all common laboratory applications requiring precise transfers of small sample volumes.

  • Autoclavable
  • Adjustable digital dial with volume lock
  • Improved ergonomic handle and tip ejector
  • Accommodates standard pipet tips
These pipettes give students access to the authentic activities and apparatus that prepare them for future biotechnology study, applications, research, and careers.

Supplied with a 3-year warranty, these micropipettes will function efficiently and reliably for years to come. The micropipettes are suitable for all applications that require transfer of small volumes of precious solutions.