Bio-Rad® AP Bundle

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Bio-Rad® AP Bundle
Students develop key lab skills and discuss real-world applications and careers with the Bio-Rad AP Bundle.

  • Students Develop Key Lab Skills and Discuss Real-World Applications and Careers
  • Bundle Linked to Required AP Biology Labs
  • Textbook Aligned with AP Biology Big Ideas
  • Student Edition Meets NASTA/MSST Requirements for High School Textbooks
  • Thirty-Five Laboratory Activities Included
Biotechnology: A Laboratory Skills Course by J. Kirk Brown blends biotechnology theory with 35 laboratory activities and for your biotechnology course. This laboratory textbook incorporates Bio-Rad's Biotechnology Explorer™ kits for easy implementation across your entire curriculum. The textbook encourages the next generation of biotechnologists with bioethics case studies, hands-on activities that develop key lab skills, and vignettes of careers in the biotechnology field. It covers nine chapters including an entire chapter on independent research projects.

The student edition meets NASTA/MSST requirements for high school textbooks. The hardcover text book is 400 pages. Combined with Bio-Rad's pGLO™ Bacterial Transformation Kit, Comparative Proteomics Kit I, and Biofuel Enzyme Kits, it provides the background and confidence to run labs aligned with AP Biology Big Ideas 1, 3, and 4.

Certifications: Meets NASTA/MSST requirements.