Bio-Rad® Biofuel Enzyme Kit

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Bio-Rad® Biofuel Enzyme Kit
Educational Classroom Kits and Activities
Enables both Quantitative and Qualitative Measure of Reactions.

  • Aligns with AP Biology Big Idea 4
  • Guides instruction on enzyme kinetics and biofuel energy sources
  • Contains no caustic reagents
Reveal the power of enzyme kinetics by illustrating their function through the real-world application of biofuel production. This Kit measures the enzymatic activity of cellobiase (part of the cellulase family) and identifies the optimal conditions for the enzyme. The reaction of cellobiase breaking down cellobiose is important in the process of making cellulosic ethanol, which is an efficient, more sustainable fuel to replace petroleum.

Delivery information: Kit includes, enzyme, substrate, standard, solution, buffers, disposable pipets, tubes, and cuvettes. Also includes teachers guide, student manual, and graphic quick guide. This kit ships upon order receipt unless you specify otherwise.