Bio-Rad® ELISA Immuno Explorer™ Kit

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Bio-Rad® ELISA Immuno Explorer™ Kit
Educational Materials Biology Educational Materials Human Biology Learning Activities
ELISA is a powerful antibody-based bio detection tool used in the field.

  • Teaches about immune system functions and antibodies
  • Perform a real diagnostic procedure
  • Simulate real-world HIV, GMO, pregnancy or drug-testing
This Kit utilizes a technique referred to as enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay (ELISA) to detect the presence of an antibody or an antigen in a sample. The protocol uses two antibodies, one of which is specific to the antigen and another that is coupled to an enzyme. This second antibody gives the assay its enzyme-linked name and causes a chromogenic substrate to produce color wherever it is bound.

Delivery information: The kit includes Antigen, Antibodies, HRP substrate, Tween, PBS, and plastic supplies needed. This kit ships upon order receipt unless you specify otherwise.