Bio-Rad® Forensic DNA Fingerprinting Kit

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Great product - Easy to use and very accurate. I have used this probably 100 times and Bio-Rad never fails. The technical support is great and the product is very reliable. I have used it with middle school through college age students and they all come away with an understanding of what they did.
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Bio-Rad® Forensic DNA Fingerprinting Kit
Educational Materials Forensics Educational Materials Fingerprint Analysis Learning Activities
Using real DNA as evidence, students play the role of crime scene investigators.

  • Kit Aligns with AP Biology Lab 6
  • Two 45 Minute Lab Sessions Required
  • Kit Provides a Curriculum Manual with Teacher and Student Guides
  • Supplies and Techniques Used in Biotech Labs
  • Material to Support 32 Students
The six DNA samples in this kit are plasmids engineered to mimic the variations in DNA that exist between one human being and another. One DNA sample has been collected from a fictitious crime scene, and five samples have been obtained from various suspects. Each sample is digested using a mixture of two DNA restriction enzymes, generating a distinct pattern of DNA fragments. From their electrophoresis results, students construct standard curves, determine DNA fragment sizes, and place a suspect at the scene of the crime.

Students cut the DNA fingerprinting kit plasmids with the PstI and EcoRI restriction enzymes and try the new plasmid mapping activity now described in detail within this kit’s curriculum manual, which aligns with AP Biology Lab 6. The lab requires two 45 minute lab sessions and includes materials for eight setups.

Ordering information: This kit includes DNA size standard (HindIII lambda DNA digest), DNA samples (lyophilized 60 ?g each), EcoRI/PstI restriction enzyme mix (lyophilized, 3000 units), sample loading buffer (5x, 1 mL), electrophoresis buffer (50x TAE, 100 mL), Sterile water (2.5 mL), agarose powder (5 g), Fast Blast DNA stain (500X, 100 mL), colored microcentrifuge tubes (2.0 mL), microcentrifuge tubes (1.5 mL), foam floats, gel staining trays, curriculum including a teacher’s guide, a student manual, and a graphic quick guide.

Horizontal gel electrophoresis chambers, adjustable micropipets (2–20 ?L, 20–200 ?L, 100–1000 ?L), Pipet tips (2–200 ?L, 100–1000 ?L), and power supplies are required but not provided.