Bio-Rad® Genes in a Bottle™ Kit

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Bio-Rad® Genes in a Bottle™ Kit
Educational Materials Biology Educational Materials Genetics Learning Activities
In the Bio-Rad Genes in a Bottle Kit, students are introduced to the basics of DNA.

  • Students isolate their own DNA from cheek cells
  • Includes curriculum manual with teacher and student guides
  • Supplies and techniques used in advanced biotech labs
  • Kits contain enough materials for 36 necklaces
  • Additional necklaces available separately
  • Time required: one 45-minute session
Students employ a procedure used for a variety of biotechnology research applications to extract DNA. Using genomic DNA extracted from their own cheek cells, they precipitate and bottle the DNA in a necklace. They see the normally invisible substance of life and begin to comprehend the meaning of their own genetic makeup.

Ordering information: Includes Lysis Buffer, Protease, conical tubes, centrifuge tubes, transfer pipettes, DNA necklaces.
Required but not provided: 91% isopropyl alcohol or 95% ethanol.
Kit will be shipped immediately. Must be stored appropriately upon receipt.