Bio-Rad® Got Protein?™ Kit

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Bio-Rad® Got Protein?™ Kit
Educational Materials Biology Educational Materials Biochemistry Learning Activities
Explore Biophotonics and Study Protein Structure/Function

  • Integrates the physical, chemical, and biological properties of proteins
  • Includes materials for 80 setups
  • Time Required: 45 minutes
In this lab, students analyze the protein content of milk, sports drinks, egg, muscle tissue, saliva, tears, or any source of soluble biologically derived material. The Bradford method is based on the color development formed when the dye, Coomassie Blue G-250, binds to protein in the sample. The unique chemical properties of the dye allow it to interact with the side chains, or R-groups, of specific amino acids. There is a correlation between the amount of blue color and the amount of protein in the sample: the more protein, the more intense the blue color. Results can be measured qualitatively by eye or quantitatively with a spectrophotometer. Students use absorbance values from a set of protein samples with known concentrations to create a standard curve. Protein concentrations of their test samples can then be extrapolated. This lab integrates the physical, chemical, and biological properties of proteins and how these properties determine protein structure and function. Includes materials for 80 setups.

Kit Contents:
Quick Start™ Bradford protein assay kit 4, includes 1x dye reagent (1 L), bovine gamma globulin standard set (2 sets of 7 standards, 0.125–2.0 mg/ml, 2 ml)
10x PBS, 100 ml
1.5 ml standard disposable polystyrene cuvettes
Curriculum including teacher’s guide, student manual, and graphic quick guide

Required Accessories, Not Included in Kit:
Adjustable micropipets (2–20 μl, 100–1,000 μl)
Pipet tips (2–20 μl, 100–1,000 μl)
Microcentrifuge tubes, 1.5 ml
Conical centrifuge tubes, 15 ml
Distilled water
Milk samples (suggestions: low fat, fat free, soy, baby formula, etc.)