Mini-PROTEAN® Vertical Electrophoresis System

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Mini-PROTEAN® Vertical Electrophoresis System
Blotting Apparatus
Innovative, user-friendly features make running protein or DNA on polyacrylamide gels with this cell easier than ever.

  • Runs one or two mini polyacrylamide gels in 30 minutes
  • Sample-loading guides direct pipet tips into sample wells
  • Accommodates precast or hand-cast mini format gels
  • Optional Trans-Blot® transfers up to two gels simultaneously
Two-gel vertical electrophoresis system, includes electrode assembly, tank, lid with power cables, mini cell buffer and dam. The cells indestructible, molded polycarbonate construction provides leak-free electrophoresis and gel casting. Cassette Dimensions: 10×8×0.46 cm. Gel Dimensions: 8.6×6.7×0.1 cm.

Delivery information: Power supply not included.