pGLO™ Bacterial Transformation Kit and Extension Activities

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Awesome product, it works every time! Quick shipping from supplier.
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Thanks for sharing!
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pGLO™ Bacterial Transformation Kit and Extension Activities
Educational Materials Biology Educational Materials Genetics Learning Activities
Create glowing bacteria through transformation, then purify and examine the protein with follow-up kits.

  • Transform bacteria and make them glow by inserting a jellyfish gene
  • Isolate the fluorescent protein with the optional chromatography kit
  • Extend the lesson and examine the protein with the optional SDS-PAGE Kit
  • Perishable component refills available
In the Transformation Kit, students transfer pGLO plasmid encoding GFP into E. coli, a common bacterium used for DNA propagation and protein expression. Colonies of E. coli are qualitatively examined for fluorescence to determine whether the pGLO gene is being expressed. The time required for this step is two, 45 min sessions.

In the chromatography kit, using hydrophobic Interaction Chromatography (HIC) columns, students purify the cell contents from a transformed bacterial colony produced in the Transformation Kit step. The time required for this step is three, 45 min sessions. In the SDS-PAGE Kit, gel electrophoresis (SDS-PAGE) is used to separate the entire repertoire of proteins expressed in E. coli, including the foreign GFP responsible for transferring the fluorescence trait. The time required for this step is three, 45 min sessions. Transformation Kit must be performed before either the Chromatography or SDS-PAGE Kits.

Delivery information: Transformation Kit includes GFP encoding plasmid, nutrient broth/powder, petri dishes, UV pen light, and more.
Chromatography Kit includes lyophilized reagents, media tablet, buffers, HIC columns, pipets and test tubes.
SDS-PAGE Kit includes sample buffer, standards, DTT, electrophoresis buffer, protein stain, instructions.
This kit ships upon order receipt unless you specify otherwise.