Bio-Rad® PV92 PCR Informatics Kit

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Bio-Rad® PV92 PCR Informatics Kit
Educational Materials Biology Educational Materials Genetics Learning Activities
Introduce PCR as it Applies to Population Genetics.

  • Aligns with AP Biology Big Idea 1
  • Can be completed in three 45-minute sessions
  • Includes materials for eight student workstations for up to four students per group
  • Includes Teacher’s Guide, Student Manual, and Graphic Quick Guide
With the PV92 PCR Informatics Kit, your students use real-world forensic techniques to extract DNA from their hair follicles or cheek cells, and then use PCR amplification and electrophoresis to fingerprint their own DNA at a specific genetic locus. Using their own results, students test the Hardy-Weinberg equilibrium theory within their classroom population, then go online to compare their classroom results to genetic data of populations worldwide.
Kit Contents:
Positive controls: homozygous (+/+), homozygous (-/-), heterozygous (+/-)
PCR master mix (Taq DNA polymerase dNTPs, buffer)
PCR primers
DNA molecular mass ruler
InstaGene™DNA Extraction Matrix, 20 ml
Xylene cyanole, DNA loading dye, 5x, 1 ml
Micro test tubes, 1.5 ml
PCR tubes, 0.2 ml
Screwcap tubes, 1.5 ml
Capless PCR tube adaptors, 1.5 ml
Agarose powder, 5 g
Electrophoresis buffer, 50x TAE, 100 ml
Fast Blast™ DNA Stain, 500x, 100 ml
Foam micro test tube holders
Gel-staining trays