Bio-Rad® Size Exclusion Chromatography Kit

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Bio-Rad® Size Exclusion Chromatography Kit
Educational Materials Chemistry Educational Materials Chromatography Learning Activities
Study properties of Biomolecules

  • Includes Teacher’s Guide, Student Manual, and Graphic Quick Guide
  • Lab can be completed in one 45 minute lab session
  • Materials for eight student workstations with up to four students per group
Teach the basic principles of size exclusion chromatography, a type of column chromatography used in biotechnology research and industry to separate solubilized molecules by their size or molecular weight. Using this hands-on kit, students will study the chemical and physical properties of biomolecules and apply the principles of chromatography to separate a mixture of colored biomolecules and determine the number of components in a mixture. In this laboratory activity, a mixture of colored molecules in solution, hemoglobin (reddish-brown; molecular mass of 65,000 Da) and vitamin B12 (pink; molecular mass of 1,350 Da), is applied to a chromatography column containing microscopic porous beads. The contrasting colors are easily visible as the molecules pass through the column. The larger molecules bypass and flow around the beads, while smaller molecules enter the porous beads and are impeded in their flow through the column.

Kit Contents:
Hemoglobin/vitamin B12 sample mixture
Bio-Gel® P-60 columns with caps
Disposable plastic transfer pipets
Column chromatography buffer, 50 ml
Sample collection tubes