Biotechnology Instructor’s Guide

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Biotechnology Instructor’s Guide
Seamlessly establish a biotechnology program and excite your students about learning with the help of the innovative Biotechnology: Science for the New Millenium Instructor’s Guide. This resource follows through the implementation of a biotech program, the suggested scope and sequence of the lab-based program, the set up of laboratory materials, and more. A must read before implementing a biotech course at your school of university, Ellyn Daugherty’s instruction manual is written from an educator’s point of view with clear outlines of necessary steps and evaluations to assess before you start. Course models and syllabi are provided for a two semester or one semester course, allowing you to tailor your curriculum to the needs and availability of your students. The manual demonstrates how to use the program text and how to write your own lesson plans for the course. Comprehensive assessment tools are also provided with clear rubrics on evaluating student skill, understanding, and development. Quizzes, tests, a glossary, and additional student resources are also included. A CD version of the instruction manual comes packaged with the text. Softcover, 238 pages.