Biotechnology: Science for the New Millennium

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Biotechnology: Science for the New Millennium
2012 Revision

The ideal combination of student instruction and laboratory experimentation, the updated Biotechnology Text and Lab Manual offer students an immersive experience in the study of biotechnology labs. Designed for high school, CTE, and introductory college courses, this complete program teaches the concepts and hands-on lab procedures required for entry-level careers in the rapidly growing biotechnology industry.
The latest revision remains abreast of current biotechnology advances, offering exciting information and thought–provoking sidebars on drug discovery, gene therapy, bioethics, current events, and regulation. The expertly–written text offers thorough coverage of key issues in biotechnology research and manufacturing, with topics spanning from pharmaceuticals, agriculture, and industrial products, to instrumentation, genomics, microarrays, and proteomics. Students will then apply this practical knowledge using the 100 lab activities covered in the spiral–bound, 304–page lab manual, which integrate necessary strategies, methods and documentation, with continuous emphasis on safety in the lab. A substantial presentation of the business side of biotechnology rounds out students' complete preparatory experience, providing information on opportunities and careers in academic, industrial, and regulatory biotechnology. The textbook and lab manual can be used together or separately, depending on the desired course format. Available in hardcover and softcover; 460 pages.

A Course Planner, Instructors Guide, and EXAMVIEW® assessment suite, available separately, have also been revised and are terrific resources for successful implementation of this renowned curriculum.