Biotronette Environmental Chamber

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Biotronette Environmental Chamber
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Biotronette Environmental Chamber is a deluxe system for plant, animal, and culture studies.

  • Controlled Environment for Classroom Experiments
  • Forced Air Ventilation
  • Interior: 14 Cubic Ft.
  • Length: 52"
  • Width: 18½"
  • Height: 38"
With the chamber, teachers can monitor the environment of their plants, animals, and cultures for a variety of experiments even when class is not in session. The 24-hour control allows them to experiment with different factors that affect organisms including lighting for photosynthesis or to observe light/color balances, complete darkness using the included opaque blackout panel, and temperature and moisture for hydroponic studies.

The chamber is constructed of steel with a sliding glass door for observation without disruption to the environment. The provided mobile stand supports the chamber and has lockable wheels and a shelf to provide extra storage.

Ordering information: This system includes a chamber with two electrical outlets, removable plastic tray, two plastic plant trays, blackout panel, and an environmental studies manual. Florescent and incandescent light fixtures are not included.