Boreal2 Research Microscopes, AP Series

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Boreal2 Research Microscopes, AP Series
Research microscopes with centerable Abbe Condenser, ACS objectives, and Koehler illumination for advanced microscopy.

  • Objectives 4X, 10X, 40X, 100X ASC
  • Built-In Mechanical Stage
  • Full size: 145/8" H
  • Inclined binocular or trinocular head
  • Built-in LED Koehler illumination with rheostat
  • Boreal Lifetime Warranty
Revolutionize how you teach microscopy to advanced students with these research-grade microscopes offering superior images. Using accessories available separately, this innovative class of microscope offers phase contrast, darkfield, or other specialized imaging techniques. ACS objectives provide images that rival semi-plan objectives and the large, heavy body ensures a stable image. Both 40X and 100X objectives are sealed for protection against stain and oil, while other tamper-proof features include a locked mechanical stage and recessed set screws for the eyepieces and stage stops. A Seidentopf binocular head offers comfortable viewing over long sessions and it adjusts without affecting focus. Precision movements of the stage and fine focus also help to pinpoint detailed structures. All compound models offer white, bright cool illumination, a removable cord rack for easy storage, and a lifetime warranty.