BotBrain Classroom Advanced Set

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BotBrain Classroom Advanced Set
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Emphasize Problem Solving and Critical Thinking Skills with Robotics Construction and a Challenge Based Learning Program

Easy for teachers to implement and fun for students to use, the BotBrain sets and curriculum offer an exciting introduction to robotics. Because the BotBrain system is designed so students cannot incorrectly insert pieces, it is ideal for first time robotics students and teachers with limited robot experience. The robotic engineering projects mirror real world assignments with limited resources, deadlines, and detailed specifications. Students will enjoy the challenge of constructing robots under these parameters, as they learn about engineering careers, problem solving, and critical thinking skills. BotBrain board uses the Parallax BASIC Stamp® microprocessor, programmable in Parallax pBasic®, so the same basic equipment can be used to address multiple topics. It consists of a set of sturdy multipurpose parts which are easy to assemble into a nearly infinite variety of programmable robots. Designed by a teacher to address National Science Standards, BotBrain is the perfect solution for teaching robotics in the classroom and laboratory.

Structured for middle school science and high school technology education, the BotBrain curriculum is teacher tested for success. The curriculum is structured into five challenges: Photovore (light seeking), Line following, Maze Running, Mine Sweeping, and Grand Challenge Obstacle Course (high school only). In every challenge, each group of students designs and builds a series of unique robots which must accomplish the specified task. A competition element for each challenge can provide an incentive and exciting finish. Each set comes with student and teacher guides for both middle school and high school units, with pages for photocopying and use in class.

Designed for Full Classroom Construction
An economical option, the Classroom Set is functionally equivalent to five Advanced sets. Use it to affordably equip and instruct 10 to 15 students in groups of two or three.
• 5 BotBrain boards with 5 serial port programming cables and 5 Battery Holders (6 AA)
• 10 each: light sensors, whisker (touch) sensors, Infrared (distance) sensors, LED’s (lights)
• 15 each: Line (B&W) sensors
• 10 each: position servos, continuous rotation servos
• 10 Servo-mount wheels, 5 ball casters
• Over 1400 Merkur® metal construction parts
• CD containing Parallax pBasic®, language manual and sample programs
• One Teacher Curriculum and five student guides for Middle School level
• One Teacher Curriculum and five student guides for High School level