Braun Electroscope with Accessories

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470149-478CS 1933 USD
Braun Electroscope with Accessories
Educational Materials Physics Educational Materials Electricity/Magnetism Learning Activities
Versatile Apparatus for Electrostatics Lessons.

  • Includes instructions
This rugged, sensitive electroscope can accept various accessories to change its capacitance. A sensitive aluminum vane is balanced in a vertical position on a metal support which is insulated from its base. The vane is easily observed and projected on a chalkboard (Light Source, not included), on which an arbitrary scale has been marked. Height without attachments is about 9". Four attachments, each equipped with a banana plug which fits the vane system top, are included; a 3" conducting sphere; a proof plane with detachable insulating handle; and an aluminum cup (Faraday ice pail). Attachments can be charged using either our Electrophorus or our Power Supply (not included).