Cancer Microslide

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Cancer Microslide
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Illustrates various types of cancerous cells.

  • Arrows help students locate important features
  • Mounted in a clear plastic holder that protects it on both sides
  • Set of 15 includes detailed lesson plan on the topic under study
All cancers are linked by the fundamental property of uncontrolled cell growth, but how cancerous cells acquire this ability can vary. This set of eight microphotographs depicting a variety of cancerous cells and cancerous cell development will help students appreciate the diversity of cancer and how this makes a single cure for cancer difficult, if not impossible, to achieve.

Introduce junior and senior high school students to the world of microscopy with inexpensive, unbreakable Microslides. Microslides consist of a strip of film with eight photomicrographs, each reproduced exactly as you would see them through a professional microscope under ideal conditions. You can supply all your students with their own Microslides. A detailed text folder is included. Viewers are available separately.

Healthy Skin Tissue
Cancerous Skin Tissue
Lung Normal/Lung Cancer
Melanoma /Carcinoma
Colon Normal/Colon Cancer
Breast Normal/Breast Cancer
Testes Cancer/Cervix Cancer