Cartridge-Type Deionizers

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470150-334CS 1059.35 USD
470150-334 470150-336
Cartridge-Type Deionizers
Water Purification Systems Deionizers
Great for lab use.

  • Research model cartridge removes essentially all ionizable constituents including silica and free carbon dioxide
  • Universal model cartridge; does not remove silica or carbon dioxide
  • Single cartridge holder with faucet adapter (includes a brass control valve, inlet hose and outlet tubing), consists of one heavy-duty stamped steel mounting fixture, pressure fitting, tubing and washers
Transparent, plastic cartridges contain ion-exchange resins of the mixed-bed type for providing high purity water at low flow rates. For purification either by intermittent or steady flow. Intended for wall mounting, they are designed for operation at pressures up to 100 psi with a max flow of 27 liters per hour in the single cartridge holder.