CD-ROM, Crocodile Chemistry 1.5

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CD-ROM, Crocodile Chemistry 1.5
This virtual laboratory brings the chemistry lab to your computer! Experiment simulations are safe and easy-choose your apparatus, then click and drag to fill vessels with exact amounts and concentrations of your reagents. Slide bars control heaters, Bunsen burners, and the flow rates of gases and liquids. To add chemicals, select the amount and concentration you want, then drag the chemical from the sidebar to your vessel. You can combine any chemicals to see if they react, and you can add as much or as little as you wish.
Program contains over 100 chemicals grouped together in ranges (metals-solid powders, solid rods and liquid, oxides, halides and sulfides, gases, indicators, etc.). There is also a wide range of chemicals in solution, including acids and alkalis. Choose one of the standard pre-defined concentrations or set your own concentration by clicking "custom molarity."

Then sit back and watch as animated reactions are displayed on your computer screen. Analyze reactions by measuring and graphing changes in temperature, pH, volume, mass, concentration, and more.

Program also includes 40 pre-written on-screen activities and follow-tests that investigate various aspects of chemistry through simulated experiments.

Crocodile Chemistry is also a valuable demonstration tool. Activities can be done 'live', or the 'record movie' command can be used to capture actions in a movie for later playback.

Available in single user or network format. With the network format, teachers have permission to install one program on an at-home computer (for practice or class preparation) and the remaining programs on at-school computers. ©2001.

System Requirements: WIN: WIN 95/98/00/NT 3.51+; 486+ CPU; 16 MB RAM; 16-bit sound card optional; CD-ROM drive.